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Customer stories

Elevate-IT is happy to help logistics service providers move forward by combining the strength and knowledge of the branche. Curious which logistics service providers preceded you? See our customer stories and discover why they chose for Elevate-IT.

If you would like to know more about our solution and the possibilities, have a look at our blogs, webinars and whitepapers.

Verkooijen Veem

Founded in 1977, Verkooijen is the go-to logistics partner when it comes to plastic granules and regrinds. From warehousing to transportation and distribution. To provide value-added logistics and real-time insights for traders, manufacturers, and insurers, they need a solid WMS that supports current and future needs. Elevate-IT turned out to be the best partner to work with. Miranda Verkooijen and Bjorn Voeten explain how they manage to place all their logistics activities in one system with 3PL Dynamics and they saved at least two FTE by using the web portal, among other things.

Watch the video below with English subtitles for their story.

Van Moer Logistics

With customers in all kinds of different markets, it has proved difficult for Van Moer Logistics to find one solution that suits all specific customer processes and wishes. The sector-specific solution of Elevate-IT offered the solution.

Watch the video below or read the full customer story.

VCK Logistics

VCK Logistics uses the industry-standard solution 3PL Dynamics integrated throughout the organization. Brennus van der Klaauw, Managing Director at VCK Group, talks about the challenges for VCK and the choice for 3PL Dynamics. Watch the video below with English subtitles for their story.

FOX Global

FOX Global is a logistic service provider with ambition. To live up to their ambitions, they work with 3PL Dynamics to streamline its warehouse processes. The result? The former traditional expeditor has evolved to an internationally orientated supply chain provider. Watch the video below with English subtitles for their story.

Trans-Continental Logistics (TCL)

Trans-Continental Logistics is a logistics service provider that does not focus on just one niche market. Logically, TCL was looking for a flexible WMS that can support their processes effortlessly. The WMS of Elevate-IT turned out to be a hit.

Lineage Logistics

Lineage Logistics, the world’s largest and most innovative temperature-controlled industrial REIT and logistics solutions provider, offers services for the complete supply chain for frozen goods – from receiving goods, to warehousing, value added activities and transportation. To help customers achieve their success, both now and in the future, the international logistics service provider is constantly expanding their infrastructure. Lineage Logistics Europe decided that 3PL Dynamics would be the standard WMS for Europe.

Hudig & Veder

At Hudig & Veder, they ambitiously look ahead. The family business knows that following new developments is necessary to stay in business. Especially in the logistics industry. To continue to excel, they decided to set course for the future using 3PL Dynamics’ SaaS solution.


Samskip streamlines their warehouse operations with 3PL Dynamics in the Netherlands, Norway and Iceland. Ragnar Thor Ragnarsson, Chief Information Officer at Samskip explains why they were looking for a new WMS at the time. “We were working with different systems that got outdated. It was time to implement a modern solution.”