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Cross docking

Cross-docking is part of our WMS software for logistics suppliers. With cross-docking upon arrival (goods in) goods are immediately placed ready as goods out, without any interim warehousing. Incoming goods are therefore directly turned around into outgoing goods. That saves on transactions and space within the warehouse.

Cross-docking is applied if goods have to be delivered to the final destination as soon as possible, i.e., fresh products for supermarkets.

Cross docking in the WMS

In the WMS goods in are directly linked to goods out based on an original transport request, or the incoming goods are automatically allocated a specific route or postcode area. This means that upon receipt of the goods the WMS already takes the current sales orders into account.
As soon as a team member from the goods in department scans incoming goods they see a notification on their scanner telling them where to place the goods: (partially) in a cross-docking location or at the standard picking location.
Depending on the number of (transport) orders within which the relevant item is required, the team member can be sent to several cross-docking locations via their hand terminal. When order picking the team members who assemble for goods out are sent to the relevant cross-docking location for those specific goods.

Increased efficiency with cross-docking

With cross-docking an increase in efficiency is seen within the logistics process as product transit speed is significantly increased, meaning these products are made available to your customer all the quicker.

Cost savings with cross-docking

By applying cross-docking you save on stock-related costs as the goods needn’t be conventionally stored in the warehouse. Rather, they are unloaded and immediately reloaded for transport.

Cross-docking in your warehouse

A process like cross-docking requires a system that effortlessly streamlines the process from inbound to outbound. View the leaflet and discover how the WMS solution from Elevate-IT supports the cross docking process.

Cross dock


Cross-docking activities are not carried out the same way for all products. There are products for example that must always first enter the warehouse or products that conversely always go straight to the cross-docking location. And, there are products that are never cross-docked. This demands flexibility from the software which is why our cross-docking module in the WMS offers countless options to match how you work.

Product settings

Some items must always first be stored in the warehouse. Other goods are always stored in the cross-docking location, or only if the goods are accompanied with a sales order. That is why the WMS may indicate per item whether cross-docking can indeed take place.

Location settings

A specific cross-docking location can be set per item.

Packaging settings

A specific ‘cross-docking size’ can be set per item if that item can only be transported in particular packaging.