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Management reports

The results speak for themselves. This is why our total solution for logistics suppliers covers all necessary report formats, from a simple stock list up to and including a comprehensive dashboard outlining your salient KPIs. Because all data is available within the one integrated solution, you gain clear insight into all your business processes which enables you to manage rather than fight fires.

Jet Professionals

The Jet Professionals module is an add-on for Microsoft Excel that gives you quick and easy access to all 3PL Dynamics or BVBVK Dynamics tables and fields, or to all data entered into, amended or maintained in the database by the various business divisions.

Say goodbye to complex reporting tools, and just use Microsoft Excel, the tried & tested spreadsheet Microsoft programme. Via drag & drop you can easily drag fields from your database into your report and can format to your individual preference. From simple ad hoc lists, to complex overviews or dashboards. Via an automatic scheduling function you can periodically refresh reports and periodically specify report recipients (colleagues and/or customers). So, everything looks after itself!

Microsoft Power BI

With Microsoft Power BI you can quickly create dashboards that outline all your salient Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Based on our customers’ information requirements, our partner Boltrics has devised specific data sets that enable you to compile your own dashboards or to use the standard dashboards. Whether it concerns kilograms, crates, casks, parcels, pallets, loading meter or miles: it can be presented in your preferred units. A standard solution that can be configured to customer specifications.
With Microsoft Power BI Mobile you are always up-to-date wherever you are or however you’re working (PC, tablet or phone)!
With Power BI you can track progress at a glance, meaning you’re always in the driver’s seat!