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Groupage: the profits of unity in multiplicity

Which combination of partial shipments is the most optimal one? How do you keep the paperwork and documents in order? Boltrics gives you the answer, with groupage software that facilitates the efficient planning of shipments and takes care of related shipping documents and invoices. Together we groupage profitable!

Less time and costs. More quality.

With groupage, you are confronted with multiple pick-up locations and delivery addresses per route. That often makes planning and administration complex and cumbersome. Our software supports you in all your groupage activities so that you increase the quality of your service and significantly reduce time and costs.

This software offers you an integrated solution with:
  • Exchange data between cross dock depots and trucks
  • Insight into road transport (with the TMS software)
  • Link with on-board computers and advanced planning systems
  • Cost calculation
  • Quotations and invoices
  • Clearly arranged

Invoicing groupage

The TMS is seamlessly integrated with the financial administration in Dynamics NAV. As soon as a shipment has been delivered, an invoice will be created automatically. After administrative control, the invoice is sent or saved on a collective invoice. The TMS also takes into account any rate agreements, discounts, waiting hours, repackaging costs, etc. In this way, all shipments per customer can easily be invoiced. The result is improved invoicing and a real-time overview of your financial situation and outstanding invoices.


Once data has been entered, (digital) documents can be generated automatically: CMR, loading list, manifest, bill of lading, etc.

In addition, the price of new transport can be calculated quickly and automatically based on fixed tariff agreements. With the push of a button, you generate a quote that is either sent immediately or is automatically converted into a transport order.

Exchange data between cross-dock depots

As a transporter, you want to deliver goods as quickly as possible, but at the same time plan and load your vehicles as efficiently as possible. Thanks to a fast and reliable exchange of data between cross-dock depots and trucks, you can plan more efficiently and you have more insight into your transports.

As 3PL Dynamics is continuously reviewed we’ll never reach that point where the software is obsolete and that, for example, after 10 years only a full reimplementation will suffice. As such we’re transitioning from registration to control and management.

Jan Kamphuis -