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Value Added Logistics

Besides warehousing goods, many logistics suppliers also provide ‘Value Added Logistics’, i.e., (extra) stored good processing, depending on the customer’s/retailer’s wishes. By scheduling and administering these additional VAL activities in the WMS, you maintain an overview and invoicing for VAL activities can be arranged with just one mouse click.

Value Added Logistics (VAL) in het WMS

With Value Added Logistics you are able to add extra activities to an order or product at any given time within the logistics process. Particularly vital with VAL activities is that standard times and actual hours are specified, so that future hours can be better estimated. Experience shows that just 50% of WMS packages on the market can actually support you in this regard.

With the Value Added Logistics module you can not only meticulously determine and track the VAL process, but it is also integrated across the WMS. This means, for example, that VAL activities are included along with the scanning process. During a production process activities in the VAL module directly impact stock levels of both the resources and the end product. Furthermore, each VAL activity is automatically included in the invoicing process. VAL services are listed as a separate service on the invoice for your customer, giving them optimal insight into the services provided.

Common Value Added Logistics activities:

  • Packing
  • Sealing
  • Repacking in different packaging
  • (Re)labelling
  • Sorting or costing
  • Quality control
  • Reverse logistics processing
  • Assembly
  • Restacking of pallets
  • Weighing

Why add VAL in your WMS?

Are you considering adding VAL activities to your services? Or are you already offering this extra servce, but do you miss a clear overview? The more services you offer, the bigger the chance that tiny mistakes slip through your administration. Keep the overview and integrate VAL activities with your WMS. This way you truly add value to your logistics.