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Customs clearance

Besides warehousing goods for their customers, logistics suppliers often also handle the despatch to, or receipt from, goods abroad. Be that in Europe or further afield; international transactions demand expertise and a system that supports all customs flows. This is why our TMS software offers comprehensive customs functionality, allowing you to perform automated declaration, where the requisite documentation is automatically generated, providing you with continuous insight into the customs process.

Customs declaration software

In Belgium the declaration process with customs can run fully automated. Via EDI, our customs software works in sync with the systems used by Belgium Customs and other government agencies. Leaving you to make quick and simple customs declarations.

Customs integration & compliance

By integrating customs processes with the TMS you significantly speed up the declaration process. Via the TMS all relevant customs data pertaining to the goods are entered; comprehensive integration prevents duplication and speeds up the process. Moreover, there is the option to predefine clearing checks at strategic points in the TMS activities so that all departments work efficiently together in accordance with the compliance stipulations imposed by customs.


Customs must be informed of the movement of excisable goods between EU member states, so that excises can be levied in the country where the goods are consumed. Via the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) you make a direct disclosure (electronic administrative document) via the WMS of movements of excisable goods under excise-duty.


Simple declarations in the TMS. At a glance you have an overview of the actual status of your NCTS (New Computerised Transit System) declarations.


Portbase is the platform for the exchange of logistical information for the Dutch Ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. You can pre-register your containers directly at all terminals.

DGVS / Cargonaut

Cargonaut is the platform for reporting movements of goods at and around Schiphol, to the DGVS (Paperless Goods Movement Tracking System), without physical documentation.

Veterinary inward clearance & Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

Animal-derived products or live animals that enter the EU must be reported to customs. Via our TMS software you can make direct pre-registrations and you stay informed about checks being made.