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Fleet management TMS

Fleet maintenance costs can soon add up. By carrying out preventative maintenance and intelligently planning this in fleet management software, you can reduce your fleet management costs and prevent unnecessary stoppage. By using the fleet management module in our TMS software you can optimally schedule maintenance, APK and other fleet related inspections, and you can easily link documents pertaining to damages for example, within your administration. This provides you with real-time insight into the use and maintenance of your fleet.

Link with onboard units

By linking the onboard unit in the truck with the TMS software, you receive information about when (preventative) maintenance can be scheduled in. This helps prevent business operation issues and you reduce your total maintenance costs. The onboard unit reports on mileage and sensor data for example, but also working hours and refuelling times; all of which is administered in the TMS.

The linking of onboard units with the TMS software is vital for accurate tracking & tracing of every transport request, and for information provision towards your customer. Direct messages can be sent to your customer via our TMS software when loading/unloading.

Damage registration

In the unlikely event damage occurs en route to an HGV or trailer (or the transported goods); the driver takes a photo of the damage, and if necessary describes it, using an app on their phone. This data is then linked to the HGV or trailer in question in the TMS, in the fleet management module.
The planning department can then use this information to schedule in repairs and to negotiate with the insurance company where necessary.

Fleet management: maintenance planning

A fleet manager fully grasps what maintenance, damage repair or inspection type needs to be carried out at which time or mileage. But this isn’t uniform across the board. Some matters are checked structurally by the driver; other maintenance works are performed at on-site workshops, and others again at a garage or dealer. It’s certainly a huge challenge to keep an eye on an entire fleet. This is why the fleet management module in our TMS generates warnings, based upon a pre-defined maintenance profile for an HGV or trailer, at the right time and for the right person who then takes this into account when arranging shipment planning.

Personnel & drivers

The data pertaining to your personnel and drivers can also be entered in our TMS software. This data can then be periodically checked and verified. Personal data and work-related data can be registered. This provides for a complete overview per employee, and facilitates optimal deployment.