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Customs: serve your customers without borders

Do you arrange shipments across borders? Do your customers also trade outside of Europe? Customs legislation can be particularly complex and also entails risks. Our customs software includes all functionalities that support your customs projects. Thanks to good knowledge and a reliable software system you can now handle your customs processes carefree.

Carefree, well-arranged and fast

Our software enables you to handle all customs activities smoothly, clearly and carefree. By linking and fully integrating with the WMS, TMS or other software, relevant data is automatically supplemented, processes are automatic and duplicate data is avoided. In addition, you maintain overview and control over processes, inventory, activities, and transactions.

This software offers you an integrated solution with:
  • Integration of customs processes with WMS
  • Automated customs declaration
  • Automatic generation of necessary (transport) documents
  • Customs storage
  • Overview in- and results, mutations, and stock
  • No double entry due to full integration
  • Installing customs technical controls

Bonded warehouse

With this software, you meet all administrative obligations regarding bonded warehouse. All movements (receipt, shipment, mutations) are automatically recorded. This way you always have a real-time overview of the stock and you can easily make a GPA declaration.

Customs integration & compliance

By integrating customs processes with other modules you speed up your declarations considerably because data from, for example, FMS is automatically supplemented. In addition, customs technical controls can also be built in so that all departments work efficiently in accordance with customs compliance regulations.

It is difficult to make a choice. What are the 5 attention points when selecting the right customs software?

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