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Road freight: always on the right track

Cost control and quality assurance play a key role in logistics services. We have a suitable TMS solution for your road transportation. Order management, trip planning, route planning, and many other functionalities are provided and manage your business processes during the entire process of the shipment. Insight into your business processes improves, which also increases your margins.

Fast, simple & well-arranged

Whether it is about LTL, FTL or dedicated logistics, thanks to our software you only have to enter data once. As soon as the data is available in the system, the follow-up process is quick, easy and well-arranged. Directly from the file, the system supports all consecutive steps while you continue to manage and control the data.

This software offers you an integrated solution with:
  • Higher margins thanks to cost control
  • Link with various on-board computer systems and APS
  • Optimal planning of shipments
  • Automatic generation of documents and invoices
  • Fast calculation of transport costs
  • Establishing (complex) tariff
  • Control and overview

Tariff agreements and invoicing

You can record tariff agreements for transport orders in the TMS. In this way, in addition to a general price list, you can also work with fixed rates for specific customers or subcontractors and transport costs can be calculated quickly and automatically for new shipments. You can then convert this calculation into a quotation or transport order with one push of a button. The result is fewer errors and less administration!

If you work with subcontractors for the execution of transport orders and tariff agreements have been established for this, the system will show you an overview of your subcontractors with a new shipment. In this way, you can determine yourself which subcontractor is the cheapest and what your margin is. Finally, you can easily check an incoming invoice from subcontractors through the automatic link between transport order, tariff agreements, and invoice.

Data exchange between cross dock depots

You can plan your shipments optimally through a fast and reliable data interchange between cross dock depots and trucks. This way you can deliver your goods as quickly as possible and at the same time load your vehicles in the most efficient way.


Thanks to our integrated solution you only have to enter data once. Once the information about shipments has been entered, (digital) documents (for example CMR, loading list, manifest, bill of lading, etc.) can be generated automatically.

Curious how to eliminate tight margins with our TMS-solution?

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In the past, we deliberately opted for systems from different software vendors. We did not want to be dependent on one software supplier with the risk of major downtime for all systems at once. Now we’re using the reverse strategy and we’d like everything in one system.

Rene Hoogvliet, Estron