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Order picking

Our WMS meets every order picking need a logistics supplier may have. Whichever picking method you use, possibly in combination with wireless bar code scanners or voice terminals, with our WMS software you can enjoy the best possible support in your warehousing activities.

Picking Orders

Order pickers carry out picking tasks in the warehouse by retrieving goods (e.g. with scanners) and placing them ready for dispatch. WMS displays product locations, either on the scanners or on picking lists, how many parcels are needed, where the goods are to be placed and whether consignments are to be combined etc.

Order picking in the WMS

Our WMS includes an order picking module as standard. Because our software is specifically designed with logistics suppliers in mind, the following standard components are available within this module:

Storage life data

You can determine the chronology for goods out per customer item: FEFO (first expired first out), FIFO (first in first out) or by production date. Storage life chronology is supervised per delivery address.

Reserving stock

Stock can be (partially) reserved for a particular customer or order. Stock reservation derives from the documented unloading orders and runs in sync therefore in real-time with order mutations. This means an overview is always to hand of which part of the stock is still available on demand.

Split order lines

Composite items can be picked as per split order lines.

Scheduling picking tasks

The WMS guides the warehouse team as efficiently as possible through the warehouse by scheduling picking tasks as best as possible. Orders can also be split up into multiple picking tasks (by various warehouse team members). Or, different orders can be merged into a single picking task.

Real-time insight

When order pickers work with wireless devices each picking action is directly registered in the WMS. This provides you with real-time insight into the progress of the various orders. As there is interaction during the picking action with the WMS, simultaneously it is validated whether the right item is being picked from the right location. Should stock levels fall below the desired point at a picking location, a replenishment action can be initiated.

Orderpick strategies in the WMS

The following order picking strategies can be selected in the WMS:

  • Pallet picking
  • Zone picking
  • Multi order picking
  • Wave picking
  • Goods to man

Order picking with scanners or voice picking

Scanning already often yields significant results, yet warehouse teams do not always have their hands and eyes free. After all, the terminal repeatedly demands attention that detracts from the actual picking process. Furthermore, there are circumstances in which a scanner isn’t fully manageable, at minus 24 degrees Celsius for example and with bags or boxes that are tricky to manage.With voice picking order, pickers hear which goods they must pick via a headset, and where they need to go to. They have their hands free and can fully concentrate on their work. No paper list need continuously be at hand to look up the product, locations, number of parcels etc. Voice picking systems can be seamlessly linked up to our WMS.

Want to know more about voice picking?


Replenishment entails the replacement of stock from the bulk locations to the picking locations. The latter require continual replenishment to enable the warehouse team to keep picking orders. Our WMS indicates when picking locations require replenishment, further to the minimum stock level entered. When several picking tasks are simultaneously prepared, the progress of the picking stock is also known. If necessary, a replenishment action is already scheduled in to ensure the picking process remains uninterrupted.

Stock inventorisation

Inventorying stock can be a daunting task. With our WMS, however, this is a simple matter. You have the freedom to undertake this once a year or upon minimum stock level numbers, for example. All the options in between are also possible too of course; as is inventorisation per aisle, zone, height, customer, item or party.