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#1 Fixed time, fixed price

Our software is fully tailored to the needs of logistics service providers and contains all the functionalities you need. Customization is no longer required because the standard solution for the branch contains all the functionality that you need. No endless implementations, because our software integrates seamlessly with the processes and roles in your company. That is why we implement Fixed time & Fixed price!

#2 Always up-to-date

Our software is designed for and by the industry. Functionalities are developed and shared throughout the industry. As a result, the software is always up-to-date, even years after the implementation. At fixed and relatively low costs. Without time and effort on your part.

#3 The branch standard

Our software is fully tailored to the needs of logistics service providers. All business and logistics processes are included in the software. Standard. So you no longer need customization, because our software fits seamlessly into the processes and roles in your company!

#4 Cloud, on-premise or hybrid

Our software is available as on premise, cloud and hybrid. Do you want a combination of on-premise and cloud? A section of the software local and the remaining online? Switch from on-premise to cloud (or vice versa)? Each of these options are possible; the choice is yours.