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Hop on your bike and ride in the peloton

16 Sep 2020

4 min read

Every small nod in the process and wrong action costs money, and that while you are already working with tight margins. With a smoothly running process, you can do more work and thus generate more turnover. Your efficiency in execution and correct rates make you the preferred service provider for your customers. In other words, as a logistics service provider, you are continuously optimizing your processes. Partly due to the tight margins and increasing customer expectations, you want to be sure that your software runs like a well-oiled machine. However, the world of IT and software can come across as quite complicated. Especially because you are not waiting for stories about all the technical details. No, as a logistics service provider you simply want to be able to rely on a software solution that is user-friendly, matches your customer's systems, and moves with the times and (customer) wishes. And so the question is actually not so much of technical nature, but rather "which software solution is right for me?"

Elevate-IT brings knowledge together

The search for a software solution that suits you can be a daunting task, as you can choose from an endless number of solutions. Yet every supplier offers different software, for example, do you opt for customization or a branch standard? The service and philosophy can also differ per supplier. It is therefore important to find out whether the working method suits you.

The base of Elevate-IT's somewhat idiosyncratic philosophy is simple: together we are strong(er). That is why we do not focus on developing the requirements of one specific customer but continuously work on the branch standard with a wide variety of modules and possibilities, so that it meets all the desired functionalities. This method can be compared to a cycling peloton: by working together, we can last longer. Sometimes you catch the wind and sometimes you can ride in the wheel of the cyclist in front of you. With the premise: quality first.

In addition, we work on the basis of the value propositions fixed time, fixed price and always up-to-date. No endless implementations or an outdated solution, because our software connects seamlessly with the processes and roles in your company and you will periodically get free maintenance.

Great value propositions, but how do I know if I can trust them?

Regularly the question arises "how can I be sure that your value propositions are more than just a sales pitch?". At Elevate-IT, collective customization comes first, because we believe in the strength and knowledge of the branch. We are happy to help the peloton move forward and let customers jointly benefit from new innovations. Our value propositions are more than just a sales pitch, as we continuously build on the branch standard. This means that "always up-to-date" is actually always up-to-date. Our software works with one version, so that we can easily update your software after the one-time implementation and expand it with new functionalities. The branch standard also enables us to determine in advance what the process will cost and when the system will be used effectively. Fixed time, fixed price. In this way, you cannot misjudge an offer that is initially lower, but which turns out to be (more) expensive afterwards, because of the complicated customization and continuous implementation time. Moreover, Elevate-IT uses Microsoft technology, which makes our software user-friendly, flexible and configurable. Do you still have doubts about our philosophy? Then read the story of De Rocker Logistics.

Okay, and what about the cycling stage?

Obviously you want to win, we understand that. Elevate-IT, therefore, brings the forces of the entire branch together in one peloton, so that you can ride a good race. A place in the peloton does not mean that you cannot win the race. Certainly not. The last meters, the final sprint, is up to you. With your logistics knowledge, you can take the lead over the others in the peloton and you can show what you are really good at: providing logistics services.


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