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Sea freight: a watertight solution

Thanks to our FMS software you can handle all your sea freight efficiently, from A to Z. All the functionalities you need are provided and manage your business processes throughout the entire process of the shipment.

Fast, simple, insightful

Whether it concerns import or export shipments, thanks to our FMS software you only have to enter data once. As soon as the data is in the system, the rest of the process is quick, easy and well-arranged. Directly from the file, the system supports all consecutive steps while you continue to manage and control the data .

This software offers you an integrated solution with:
  • Automatic generation of documents such as a bill of lading, CMR, customs declaration, EUR1, etc.
  • A real-time overview of all costs and income
  • Data registration: dimensions, weights, temperature, loading and unloading address, address data, etc.
  • Entry & exit
  • Establishing tariff agreements
  • Customs formalities and link with customs


For the transportation of goods by sea, it's necessary to always have the right documents on hand. With the help of our software, you can manage the entire route of sea freight and you only enter data once. Once the details of shipments have been entered, necessary documents are automatically generated. From a bill of lading, CMR, EUR1 certificate, customs declaration and certificate of origin to an ATR, customs declaration, invoice, shipment certificate, confirmations, etc.

Tariff agreements and invoicing

Sea freight rates depend on various parameters: FCL, LCL, the port of departure, destination, shipping company, etc. With our software, it is possible to capture all these rate agreements in the system. This way you can calculate your costs quickly and easily and keep an overview of your costs.

Data registration

The software allows you to register various data for the handling of, for example, containers, pallets, cars or packages: details of goods (formats, weights, dangerous goods, etc), temperature, address data, shipping company, boat, ETD, ETA, etc.