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Fuel management

The fuel consumption of trucks determines a large part of the costs of transport / ride. Saving on fuel, provides environmental benefits and saves costs. In order to save, it is necessary to have insight into the consumption. By coupling board units or PDAs in trucks with the TMS system, information on mileage, fuel consumption and refueling will be available in the TMS system.



After refueling, the driver enters on the on-board unit or PDA how many liters it has refueled, the fuel, how he paid and the amount. These data are – along with date, time, location, start- and end mileage – made available in the TMS system. Processing tank receipts at the office is therefore no longer necessary.
An overview of your fuel management for the tax authorities are generated with just one mouse click from your TMS system.

Fuel Consumption

Information about the fuel consumption of trucks is sent directly – via on-board unit or PDA – to the TMS system.
This enables you to have better insight into the fuel consumption per truck and driver. So you can quickly see which truck consumes more fuel and/or which driver can improve his/her driving style.
This way you can easily save on fuel costs.