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Air freight: on cloud 9 with our solution

Our software allows you to efficiently handle all your air freight shipments, from A to Z. All functionalities you need are provided and enabling you to manage your business processes throughout the entire trajectory of the shipment.

Fast, simple & well-arranged

Whether it is about import, export or transit, thanks to our air freight software you only have to enter data once. As soon as the data is in the system, the rest of the process is quick, easy and well-arranged. Directly from the file, the system supports all consecutive steps while you continue to manage and control the data.

This software offers you an integrated solution with:
  • Automatic generation of documents such as bill of lading, CMR, customs declaration, EUR1
  • Data registration: dimensions, receiver, carrier, airline, ETD, ETA, etc.
  • Break down of consolidated air waybills
  • Imposition & result
  • Customs formalities for import, export, and transit
  • Link with customs system

Capture tariff agreements

You can record rate agreements in the software. In this way, you can work alongside a general price list with set rates for specific customers or assignments.

Customs declarations

Declaration of import, export or transit is (automatically) communicated to customs via our software. There is already a link with customs and other links can be provided if necessary. In this way, you handle your import and export quickly and easily.


When importing and exporting goods via air freight, the correct documents are important for the smooth handling of shipments. The entire trajectory of air freight can be managed with our software. Once you have entered the data, the software supports the further process, from A to Z, from sender to receiver. Saving you time and money.

  • AWB stock per airline
  • Checking VAT / MRN / ...
  • Flight details
  • Pre-bookings
  • Profit share registration for import
  • E-AWB / AWB / HAWB / MAWB and manifests
  • CMR / transport orders / confirmations

VCK Logistics Airfreight streamlines their airfreight specific processes with 3PL Dynamics

Eric Aarssen, Managing Director at VCK Logistics Airfreight