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Harnessing the power of AI: A innovative leap in logistics efficiency

04 Jul 2024

2 min read

AI is booming and for a good reason. From chatbots to recommendations on your Netflix account. And from purchase predictions to business integrations. Powerful AI tools can help you manage your work faster and more effectively. We continue to innovate and strive to provide our customers with the best possible tools and solutions. The integration of AI into our processes allows us to work faster, more accurately and efficiently, ultimately leading to better results for our customers.

By integrating advanced AI tools and an iterative approach to data integration, we enable both our own teams and our customers to perform at their best. Our new DataHub platform and collaboration with Azure AI cognitive services are just a few examples of how we are leveraging technology to stay at the forefront of the logistics industry. Read more about them in this blog.

The New DataHub Platform

With our new DataHub platform, integrating systems is easier than ever. All actions are set up as separate building blocks that work together seamlessly. By giving smaller partial tasks to ChatGTP 4o, we can quickly and efficiently get specific tasks done. This enables our customers to communicate with other systems easier than ever. As a customer of Boltrics, if you have a have a DataHub subscription, you can take full advantage of these powerful AI tools as well. Easily optimize your integration processes and take advantage of the latest technologies in data integration.

Azure AI Cognitive Services

Another impressive part of our platform is the integration of Azure AI cognitive services. This allows us to recognize purchase invoices through an AI model and automatically translate them into a purchase invoice in 3PL Dynamics. We recently developed our own model specifically for the logistics industry. In a previous blog, we already talked about how the power of AI allows you to automatically recognize purchase invoices. We are constantly training this model with the invoices we receive so that it better and better suits the needs of our customers.

AI at work: automatically create orders without EDI | the do’s and don’ts

Integrations reduce repetitive tasks, eliminating manual input. Why not let your system do the work? Utilize EDI or API integrations, or take advantage of Boltrics’ AI-based integrations, which can be implemented in as little as a day. The best part? These integrations run seamlessly through our DataHub platform. Are you ready? Read more in our blog.


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