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Determine locations in your logistic software with cameras in your warehouse

16 Nov 2023

2 min read

The principle of EDI is simple: automatically send messages between two systems. Without your employees having to type over information manually. And pushing stacks of papers around the office. Streamlining your processes in this way is still the goal of applying EDI in your logistic operation. However, the technical possibilities have taken off. For example, we shared how DataHub enables you to communicate between your logistic software and the picking robots of HAI robotics in your warehouse. And now, it is even possible to automatically determine storage locations in your warehouse based on camera footage. Futuristically? Sure! Impossible? Absolutely not!

Locate handling units with the video management system of PKE

So, how does this work? Let’s start at the beginning. A company specializing in advanced video analysis and security systems is PKE. In Eersel, the Netherlands, KLG Europe uses this video management system to locate scanners in the warehouse. Based on scan activities, the system immediately knows where the goods are located. Furthermore, KLG registers what activities happen at what time and can always replay the footage.

Integrate with 3PL Dynamics

Now, it is up to EDI to automate the warehouse process. During the scanning process in 3PL Dynamics, under the hood, an EDI message is generated with each scan activity. This message is then sent to the systems of PKE, which give a precise location in a split-second based on the SSCC labels or handling unit numbers and the date/time stamp. The resulting X-Y coordinates are then sent to 3PL Dynamics. Via DataHub, your logistic software determines the warehouse location. And, the handling unit can be booked right away. Easy peasy!

Booking the handling units on floor locations by scanning SSCC codes eliminates the cost of placing and maintaining floor labels and scan signs. And, in case of changes in the location structure, we simply change the X-Y reach of certain locations in 3PL Dynamics. This enables us to manage and apply a flexible strategy in our cross-dock process, that fits perfectly to our specific needs - Ben Schellekens, Logistics Engineer at KLG Europe

A winning combination for cross-docking

In the logistics industry, cross-dock processes often occur on a single floor. Especially when goods are stored for a short period, locations can be difficult to manage. With the powerful combination of automated location determination, a link to video footage, and Boltrics’ WMS, you have the perfect tools in hand for a state-of-the-art cross-dock operation.

Though, the possibilities are endless. As you can see, an integration – that works mostly behind the scenes – can help you streamline your processes seamlessly. And, after developing the specific integration with the video management system of PKE, it is adopted in Boltrics’ standard solution. Meaning you can now implement this new DataHub functionality easily in your own logistic processes. So, the question is: are you ready to embrace the future?


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