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5 tips for a stress-free vacation

08 Jul 2024

3 min read

Summer is in full swing! Time to relax and enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Maybe your thoughts are already on the beach with a delicious cocktail. But no one wants to be disturbed by work worries during their vacation. If you want to enjoy your cocktail stress-free, knowledge sharing is key. And we’re here to help you get started. Here are five tips for good work sharing.

1. Create a helpline for your replacement

We all know the feeling of stress when a problem or malfunction occurs unexpectedly. You want to avoid that stress with your replacement so they can act with confidence. That’s why our first tip is to create a solid hotline. How to do it. Start by making a list of the most common issues. This list will serve as a guide in the event of a problem or malfunction. Take the time to create a concise but powerful roadmap. Clearly explain the steps you typically take to resolve these issues. The result? A smooth and confident response to problems, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free vacation with confidence.

2. Have your replacement observe daily operations

Before you can enjoy your vacation, it is important to properly train your replacement. Give him or her a look at your day-to-day operations and show him or her how you solve problems. By actively involving your replacement, you will create a seamless transition and ensure that your responsibilities are in capable hands. But what if your replacement is not always available to watch with you? Create a Word document with screenshots and explanations of the steps you took to resolve the issue. This will allow your backup to troubleshoot without guidance.

3. Use the ticket portal

To ensure a seamless transition, it is important to give your replacement full access to our ticketing portal. Take the time to explore and test the portal together. Make sure your replacement has a thorough understanding of the portal’s functionality and leave no room for confusion. Provide clear scenarios for reporting issues and give support an indispensable tool: the ability to reproduce the error. This approach allows us to resolve issues faster and more effectively.

4. Share knowledge and information

In a previous blog, we compiled a list of the five most common error messages and how to fix them yourself. Be sure to share this list with your replacement. This will help him or her find solutions quickly and efficiently. We encourage you to add to this list based on your own experience and insight. Together, we will create a comprehensive and valuable source of solutions.

5. Prioritize

Make sure all critical support tickets are resolved before you leave. If there are unresolved issues, clearly communicate to the support team that you will pick them up after your vacation. Inform your replacement of current issues so that there is no unnecessary confusion and everyone is well informed.

Tip: Don’t change processes right before you go on vacation. Avoid stress and park any process changes until after your vacation. This will prevent stress for your colleagues and chaos when you return.

Finally! Time for vacation!

Sharing knowledge and ensuring a smooth handover will ensure that your replacement has no worries and that problems are solved efficiently. So take the time to prepare everything properly so you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation to the fullest.


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