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Getting a better grip on your financial administration with EDI

15 Nov 2021

2 min read

In 2 months, it’s that time again: the year-end closing. The period in which all key figures for the past year are checked and corrected if necessary. Where all invoices of the past financial year must be completed before January 1st. An intensive process that many companies work overtime on, especially when they work with multiple administrative systems. Do you work with a separate accounting software solution for your financial administration? Then there are 2 options to save time, simply by avoiding manual copying of data.

Bring your logistics and financial administration together in Business Central

Financial management is the core of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the foundation of 3PL Dynamics, which allows you to perform financial administration. By integrating your business processes around warehousing, transport, and/or freight forwarding with your finances, you have all the data in one package. All your staff working in one application; simple and user-friendly. No more “island-applications” that are unintegrated. You get quick and easy financials and outstanding accounts overviews. Making it, for example, a lot easier to run complete, correct reports.

Create a link between 3PL Dynamics and your accounting package

Do you already use an (external) financial accounting package to your satisfaction but do invoices still have to be typed manually? An interface via DataHub with your accounting package can offer a solution. It’s preventing you from having to spend an unnecessary amount of time copying data and incorrect figures. Out-of-the-box interfaces are already available with Twinfield, Exact Online, AFAS, and Unit4 Multivers.

At the beginning of this year, 3 customers used a link with their financial accounting package – 9 months on there are already 14.

What is DataHub?

With DataHub, Boltrics offers a platform for organizing, managing, and processing data flows. In essence, it is a jointly managed, collaborative platform that makes it easier to process data. Allowing you to enter and process data automatically in your system and that of your trade partners. DataHub also functions as an interpreter: Boltrics takes care of the mapping of its own standard to the messages of your customer.


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